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About Me

Are you wondering why the name of this website is spelled wrong? It’s actually my intention.

Hi guys. My name is Phil. Yes, Phil. That is why the name of this blog is Phield Trips:

Phil + Field Trips = Phield Trips

I am in my early 20s. I was an information technology student but my current job is totally different. Lol. I am from Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. I am planning to conquer the world. Just kidding!

I think everyone wants to travel around the world and I’m one of those. I want to visit different places and at the same time to take pictures of everything. Lastly, of course, I don’t want to be selfish that is why I share it to everyone who can stumble around the digital world.

But first, I want to share first about what we have here in the Philippines. The nature, places, tourist spots, foods and the people probably.

This website lists all of my trips. If a place that you are looking for is not yet here, that means I haven’t been there yet unfortunately. But what you can do is to contact me and I will include it on my list and I will try my best to visit it as early as I can.

I will also post some tips and recommendations specially for foreigners who are planning to visit the Philippines. You might need some help or some ideas on what you should be visiting here.

This blog is properly categorized. On the main menu, you will see the three (3) main parts of the Philippines, Luzon is the first and it is the Northern part of the Philippines, next is Visayas which is the middle and Mindanao is the last one and the Southern part of the country.

However, even though this is a travel blog, I will mostly post some photographs that I take randomly. I’m also an amateur photographer.

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