Why do you think that  women don’t work? Why do you think that husbands want their wife to inhabit only domestic role instead of working? What do you think the reason why men think that women cannot seek professional satisfaction outside of the home? It is only because of patriarchy.

Patriarchy means a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line; a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it, according to Google. It means that it’s only a system. But there are several reasons why men work outside of the home while women do the house chores and some of them will be mentioned.

First and might be the main reason why men don’t want their wife to work is because of pride. Yes, pride. Men are proud of themselves. Men want to work for their family. They want to earn money and they want to prove that they can raise their family alone when it comes to resources. Also, men and we know that men are stronger than women when it comes to physical strength, mostly. Second, men love their wife. They don’t want their wife to work hard and exhaust themselves. They just want their wife to stay at home and rest. Last on my list, they believe that women should submit to men. Wives are known to just follow the husbands regarding with decision-making. Only men decide at home. Men are dominant at home. And those are only few of them why women don’t work for their family.

However, these days, we should be considerate about the events that are happening right now. First of all, let’s think of chronic poverty. A lot of families specially here in the Philippines are poor. They are suffering from poverty. How can a family survive these days with only 350 pesos of minimum wage in his pocket everyday while the prices of goods, ware and merchandise are constantly rising? Pride can’t feed our children. We, men, are full of pride that we believe that 350 pesos can support us per day. We are cheating ourselves that we still can even if we cannot. There are lots of light job today. They could be a cashier, a bank teller or an office worker that doesn’t required too much physical strength. So, why don’t consider women to work? Why don’t we stop minding our pride?

Therefore, why should we consider women to work? We think that they cannot do the work because they are weak. Yes, they are. Nevertheless, they are still capable of doing something—something impressive. They are capable of leading a country, a family and even a society. It is proven. It is based on fact and history. Women can do work. Yes, they can. And they are capable of having their own career and reaching their own dreams. Thus, why should we stop them? Why should we be proud of ourselves? Is it because we are strong and they aren’t? Why don’t we accept the fact that the equality between men and women exists? Is it because of patriarchy that we’re used to or it is because we are afraid to be dominated by women? Think about it!

That being the case, I conclude that women can make change. Woman can do a lot that also men can. They are capable of doing something what we don’t expect. Something that can change everything. Something that can change us. Something that can change our point of view. I also conclude that women are strong—extremely strong socially, mentally, physically and spiritually.