I like taking pictures since then. Since the first ever camera was created. What?! First ever?! I’m just kidding. I’m not talking about the first ever camera. I’m talking about the first camera that I used. A lot of people argue about what it is called—analogue camera, film camera or non-digital camera. Since then, I started taking pictures from that camera to mobile phones. Taking pictures might mean keeping memories. Not all of us have good photographic memory. Some of us forget what they have just seen years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or even seconds ago. So, what’s the best way to keep memories? Taking pictures of course.

Since Digital SLR cameras were created, world of photography has changed then match it with computer softwares that can edit your boring pictures to stand out from others like Adobe Photoshop. A lot of people want to be a photographer. But it’s difficult to be a photographer. Even though, they always say that:

It’s not about the camera, it’s about how creative you are.

But it is also possible that not having a good camera can be difficult for someone to show one’s creativity. Camera is also important when taking pictures.

Some possible reasons why we take pictures:

1. To Keep Memories

As I have said earlier, not all of us have good photographic memory. Although, we have an idea or we know that something is beautiful, we might forget the picture of that something. We probably still remember the scene of something but we can’t remember the detail of that something. Unlike having some photos of it, it’s a detailed picture of that memory. Even the unnecessary details are still there.

When the time comes that you want to reminisce that scene, there’s nothing you can do but to try to imagine that scene. But if you have some photographs, we can definitely remember the exact scene of something.

2. To Earn Money

If you’re good enough in taking photographs, someone or your friend notice your skill and they might book you to take photos of some events like wedding, birthday, debut, company event or anything and they pay for it. Professional photographers earn money from taking photos. Some of them do it for living or some of them do it for extra income. It is really possible to earn money from being a photographer and there are a lot of professional photographers.

Spicus Company Event

3. To Show One’s Creativity
Baguio Church

Everyone has their own creativity. We have our own creativity. We present our creativity in many different ways. By poem, paint, song, dance, novel or arts. We have so much ways to show our creativity. If we limit ourselves, we’re done!

Some of us show our creativity by photography. Photography is very broad. There are rules to be followed but sometimes, we tend to not follow them because it’s our own way of showing our creativity. Everyone will notice how creative you are just by simply taking pictures.

4. To Share the Beauty of Something
Terrestrial Plant

Our world is full of beautiful things and we want to share them. We want to show to the world how beautiful it is. All of the photos that we take are beautiful, if it’s not for the others, somebody will notice the beauty of some. Our world is not perfect and it’s the same with our works. Our works are not perfect, someone will notice the goodness of your works and someone will notice the needs for improvement.

Everyone needs improvement.If it looks perfect, take a deep look of it, if it still looks perfect, take a look at it again for the third time, the fourth time, the fifth time and so on and so forth ’til’ you see some wrongs about it.

5. To be on Trend

Probably, the reason why we use SNS is because we want to be on trend. We want to be popular or we want to see that people are liking our works or photos.

Nowadays, in the Philippines, we usually take photos of everything, food, landmarks, nature, portraits, events, happenings, gatherings, etc. Then, we always share them on social medias to show to our friends about something. We want to be on trend. We take photos to show to our friends that we can do what they can do. That’s why to-be-on-trend is one of the possible reason.

How do I achieve my Instagram feed goals?

I always use my Canon EOS Kiss X4 to take photographs. I’m a self-proclaimed photographer. I’ve just started as a photographer. I can’t say that I’m a professional one because it’s not my profession and I’m still not good at it. I usually upload my photographs on Flickr and Instagram. I don’t have a big number of followers but the thing is that I have followers. So, they are following me for some reasons and one main reason is that they are expecting a post from me. They expect that they will see one post or photograph of mine on their feed.

So, here are the things that you may consider before uploading and sharing your photos on Instagram:

1. Interesting Subject

I make sure that my subjects are interesting. My subjects should attract my followers’ eyes. I take pictures randomly, but I make sure that the focal point of a certain picture has something interesting. What I mean is that my subjects should know how to communicate with the people who see my pictures. Upon seeing the picture, it has a story to tell that the viewers would stay longer and want to check more what’s on the picture.

2. Lively Photographs

After taking the pictures, post-processing is usually needed, not most of the time though. I also make sure that my photographs are lively. Editing your photos a little bit won’t hurt them, especially for boring photos. Sometimes, you don’t expect that the sun would not participate with you. The sun is the best partner of a photographer but sometimes, it is the worst enemy as well. It sometimes gives you an unnecessary harsh light. Sometimes, it also gives you not enough light and it makes your photos a little bit boring. Editing them a little bit will help you to achieve your Instagram feed goals.

3. Sensible Essay or Description

You already have some interesting subjects and lively photos, however, some people based their critics on the description. Pictures do tell stories, but some people still want to know more about the photos not only the photos themselves. Adding a sensible essay or description to your photos might help you big time in acquiring more followers.


Yeah, I know. But being a photographer is not just taking pictures, you also use your photos to tell stories to others without uttering any words. So, why don’t you combine those two? Telling a story by taking photos and at the same time telling a story by writing a good description? Sometimes, photos need to be described to be more informative.

4. Best Camera that I can Use

Last but not the least, we need to use a good camera. I always use my Canon EOS Kiss X4 to take photos. I’m confident whenever I use a good camera because aside from the creativity of a photographer, camera can also be a big help. Every time I take photos using my DSLR, I feel that I can take photos of anything—nature, animals, landscape, portrait and many more. It really boosts my creativity. Not as good as professionals though since I have just started but it is a big help. But the thing is, DSLR cameras are so big and heavy. You should also be very careful whenever you are carrying them. That’s why some people just leave their DSLRs at home and no one uses them. DSLRs are the best for me when taking pictures. But we don’t have them with us all the time.

How OPPO F1s can help me achieve my Instagram feed goals?

As I have said earlier, we don’t have our DSLRs all the time as I don’t have it every time as well. I’m a street photographer. I like taking photos randomly whenever I’m on the street. By not having my precious camera with me, I often lose the opportunity to take photos. So, I was thinking, what if I had something that I could bring all the time. Something that is as good as DSLRs or if not as good as it is but rather something that can match my DSLR for some random and quick photographs. I can just edit the photos during post-process before I upload them to my Instagram account.

I often asked those questions to myself ’till I found this little fella—OPPO F1s Selfie Expert. I was doubting before that it could match my DSLR when it comes to photography but when I searched about it and tried it, I was amazed. I didn’t like any android phones but this one stunned me. It really can match the photos that I took with my DSLR. I proved that it is feasible to take good photos without using my DSLR.

All I have in my pocket is this OPPO F1s Selfie Expert, I haven’t lost any opportunities to take good photos at the right time. Since then, every time I see a good opportunity, I just take my OPPO F1s out of my pocket and click. I already have the photos that astonish my followers on Instagram. It really helps me to achieve my Instagram feed goals.

Here are the specs that I mistakenly doubted before:

Since I’m a photographer, I’ll start with the information that interests me the most. This phone has a 16-megapixel front camera. Taking photos means keeping memories. I am also into travel, I always want to share my travels on my Instagram feed. I always want to share the places to my followers. I always want to give them ideas on where to travel next time. It is not real if they don’t see me on the photos. That’s why selfie is one hell of a feature. The main purpose of taking pictures is to keep memories. You might want to keep your memories for the places that you have been to. Selfie is so powerful. That’s why I recommend this phone when it comes to selfie because of the powerful front camera.

Taken using front camera

Secondly, you’re not a photographer if you don’t use the rear camera. It has a powerful 13-megapixel rear camera. Although it’s not as powerful as its front camera, but it’s still a powerful one. Taking pictures using its rear camera boosts your creativity. Using its 13-megapixel rear camera is as detailed as using a DSLR.

Taken using rear camera
Photo courtesy: OPPO

Thirdly, if you’re not into manual editing software, this phone has BEAUTIFY 4.0 which enhances your photos just like Instagram but it’s more powerful. It will make your photos more stunning even before uploading them on your Instagram account. If I’m in a rush and I want to upload something to share to my followers, I can use this feature to boosts the quality and make my photos livelier than after it has been taken. This feature gives you a lot more confidence before uploading them. You’re not as fresh as after taking a bath always, but this thing will help you a lot—more than you can imagine.

Photo courtesy: OPPO

Last on my list is the fingerprint reader. It’s so thin with its 0.1mm thick but don’t judge it. It can even read your fingerprint before you notice it. But even so, it is still accurate as ever, it is actually more accurate than any other phones before.

Fingerprint Scanner
Photo courtesy: OPPO

This phone is super fast that it can run faster than car. No? What? Again, it was a joke. This phone is fast enough that you can do anything with it—play the most HD and popular RPG game today, watch HD videos, surf the internet, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or you can even do all of those at the same time. With its 3GB ram and octa-core 64-bit processor, you can do everything. You can even multi-task without worrying about crashing.

Those are just a few of them. I didn’t list all of the powerful features of OPPO F1s because I want you to check their website for you to experience the same thing I experienced when checking the phone. You can visit the website by clicking here.

This post is my entry in Nuffnang Ph: Oppo F1s Blog Contest.