When I go out and do some exercise to stay fit and healthy, I always go out with a lot of things with me that really help me.

But it’s not so comfortable to bring all those things and I had been looking for some things that could help me further ’till I found these things:

Pica Ember Small Bag

The Pica Ember is so impressive for such a small bag. Made from 100% recycled material, this eco-friendly crossbody bag, looks and feels good from inside and out. I can pack a lot of things here. From now on, with this small bag, I can organize all of the things that help me with my exercise.

Camsafe Z15 from Pacsafe

If small bag is not enough for you, I have this bigger travel bag that can store more than the small bag that I introduced earlier.

Just looking at this bag is enough to prove that it it a high quality bag and the style is awesome too. It has a lot of section and it can store different items. I can also use this bag to store my DSLR camera when I travel.

This is so convenient that I would buy this even if it cost me a lot of money. But when I checked this bag, I got amazed because it’s not expensive. I doubted at first because it’s so affordable that I thought that it won’t last long but when I checked it personally, it’s really a high quality bag.

Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle

I had been using some tumblers or any water bottles when I exercised. I had used different kinds of them but I haven’t used anything that can match this one. When I used this for the first time, I felt that this one is really helpful. I can also put this in the small bag or the travel bag that I firstly mentioned.

This amazing bottle is collapsible. If you’re not using it or nothing is in it, all you have to do is to collapse it and store it in the bag. It won’t take a lot of space.

MIFA F7 Portable Speaker

After running and doing some activities in one place, I don’t need an earphone because it’s not comfortable especially when I’m just at home. So, this speaker helps me a lot. I can bring this phone anywhere. It’s also so small that it doesn’t take too much space in your bag.

Cellphone Armband

Whenever I was running, I always got bored. So, I always wore an earphone to listen to some music while running. I always felt energetic when I did this but I always put my mobile phone inside my pocket. So it’s very incovenient for me. But whenever I use this armband, it’s very convenient now. I also always have my phone with me at ease.

Why I choose these products to help me?

Here in the Philippines nowadays, there are a lot of products that you can buy anywhere. Some of them are aboslutely affordable but most of them are disposable. Yes, disposable. Because after a couple of times using them, it’s either you can’t use them anymore or the functions of them don’t function at all anymore.

In the other hand, some of them have high quality but most of them are so expensive. They’re so durable but very expensive at the same time.

I though that I could not find something that can help me further ’till I found out about Urbanize. Their products have the same durability with the expensive ones but with the prices of those affordable ones.

Some of us buy things that are cheap but low quality. They don’t care about the quality even if they buy them all the time. And some of us buy things that have high quality even if they’re so expensive.

Quality is so important when buying. It’s better to buy once even if it’s cost you a lot than buy them from time to time. But why don’t we combine them?

Urbanize offers a lot of products that are affordable but at the same time they have high quality items. If you will check the materials of each products, you will notice that they can be used for a long time.

If you want to check more items, all you have to do is check their Facebook page and contact them.

This post is my entry in Nuffnang Ph: IAmUrbanBrave Blog Contest.