Catholic Church of Baguio

This dense church symbolizes peace and hope. The Philippines is known as one of the catholic countries in the world. All over the Philippines, there’s a big number of old catholic churches including this one.

A quiet look on the outside, but crowded on the inside as the mass was currently ongoing when I took this photograph.

I’m a fan of cultural attractions and historical places of one country. I can’t be in any places without taking pictures of those.

History makes us remember the things that we have done in the past, from our mistakes to our correctness, from our failures to our successes and from our cruelty to our kindness.

History shows us how we became tyrants in the time of war and makes us realize the selfishness of individuals.

History also teaches us how we should make things right but we seem to ignore it.

And the quote “History repeats itself” is obviously right.