Good day fellow travelers!

I’m planning to have a vacation this Holy Week and it’ll not just be a simple vacation but rather a special vacation since it’s summer. But of course it will be my usual summer vacation destination—Potipot Island, Zambales!

Potipot Island in Zambales
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Swimming is one of my favorite activity every summer. But this time, I will have my own ideal #OOTD during my summer vacation. I will share some of them although I’m just simple and am not that fashionable when it comes to outfits but I won’t lose anything if I try to share my ideal summer #OOTD.

Let’s begin it with the top-wear. I’ll say it again—I’m not that good with fashion so bare with me. Okay?

F&X Graphic Tee T-Shirt

This is the first on my list. Aside from the material of this shirt being 100% cotton, I’m sure that you won’t feel the heat of the sun while wearing this shirt. And if you are an adventurer, the print on this shirt really fits you. Lastly, the color is great as well. It matches any bottom-wear that you’re gonna use. Though, I don’t really know how to explain it because I’m not into fashion. This shirt is only PHP599.00 in Zalora Philippines.


Kimberley Eyewear – Pilot Sunglasses

You would probably say “Oh geez! The heat annoys me. The sun is too harsh!” or probably this one “I can’t even look at the road because of the sun. It’s too bright”. Well, don’t worry. What’s the use of sunglasses if you just stare at them? So take a look at my ideal sunglasses this time but this one keeps it simple. I’m not into fashion because simplicity inspires me.


Wrangler – Kurt Yellow Dash Short

This short is kinda short. No, I’m just kidding! Of course it is Summer, so we will be looking for some outfits that don’t make us feel warm while wearing. I’m into denim jeans so this denim short really attracts me. I think I can be anywhere under the sun without worrying of the heat not unless you’ll be worrying that your skin might turn brown or brownish. Then, summer season is not for you!


Superdry – Swimmer Slip Ons

Whether you’re looking for slippers or sneakers, I think this one fits you. This slip-on sneakers are so simple and very convenient. No hassle when wearing. All you have to do is wear your #OOTD then if you’re comfortable with wearing socks, just do it then wear these sneakers like slippers and you’re ready to go. No need to tie this laceless sneakers. This completes my #OOTD for my summer vacation.


But what makes my Summer Vacation special while wearing my ideal #OOTD?

You’re probably thinking “What else?”. Well, wearing your #OOTD for vacation is not really complete without taking some pictures. Of course, you will really want to share your #OOTD to your friends, family, acquaintances and strangers. So, what else? It’s hashtag SELFIE time!

Your selfie moments will not be satisfied if you’re not using the right phone for you. If you have had your old phone for a long time and the camera is probably outdated, it’s probably the right time for your phone to retire. So, here’s a phone that will make your #OOTD standout from others.


Oppo F1s Selfie Expert

Front Camera
16MP Front Camera
1/3.1-Inch Image Sensor
Back – Light

See? It even makes the against-the-light shot perfect because of the 16MP front camera. It is against the light but it is still clear and so great to be shared with hashtag #OOTD.

Beautify 4.0

Now, take a look at the pictures:

Ordinary Picture
Beautify 4.0

Which is better for you? For sure it’s the second one. It is worth to be shared unlike the first one. There would be times that you’re haggard and very tired at work or whatever you’re doing, so you need something to Beautify your photos. You don’t need Photoshop and any manual editing. All you need to do is to have this phone then take pictures and lastly, edit your photos using Beautify 4.0 and everything will be taken care of. Post all of your pictures and share them to your friends through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever SNS you have.

Selfie Panorama

You can also invite your friends to wear their #OOTD altogether and take a shot. I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a time, all smart phones could only take panoramas using the rear camera. There were some people who wanted to try taking picture of themselves but no one could take pictures for them. So, they were having a hard time taking pictures of themselves. They had selfie stick, but using selfie stick takes also the whole background even the sun in the back. They wanted to take a panorama of themselves and not just a simple groufie. It was really a hard time ’till this smart phone was created.

Selfie Panorama
This one could not be taken by a simple smart phone or camera. This picture was taken by yours truly, Oppo F1s Selfie Expert.

Rear Camera
Wonderful Night Shots

With the 13MP rear camera, you can also take this shot while traveling around the city at night. Don’t be afraid to roam around and look for the right angle and shoot! The only effort that you need this time is finding the right spot and the rest will be taken care of.


See how thin it is? It’s like you only have a notebook in your pocket. A notebook that can do a lot of things and it even spices up your summer vacation with your #OOTD.

Oppo F1s Selfie Expert Specs

Oppo F1s Specs

For you to check the greatness of this smart phone, click here.

Disclaimer: This post is my entry in Nuffnang Ph: Oppo F1s Blog Contest. I was not paid to write this post but I have a chance to win my own Oppo F1s. Some of the images are owned by me but some of them are owned by Oppo F1s website and Lazada Philippines. There are some affiliate links where you can purchase those outfits.