I like reading novels, specially mystery and thriller novels like the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes. I have read almost all of the novels and short stories of his. But this quote of Sherlock is my most favourite:

You see but you do not observe.- Sherlock Holmes

I know that all of his deductions is only a pattern. I really wanted to apply his pattern. I badly wanted to learn his pattern. But it was just like a  peculiar characteristic or ability of Sherlock Holmes. And I came to realize that it was really impossible for like him to exist in real world.

So, I have just tried applying his quotes, his words of wisdom. One of them is apparently the subject of this article, “You see but you do not observe.”. Specially when I travel. When I travel, I always get amazed by the amazing nature that we have, by the high buildings that we, humans, have built and by the number of population that we are having right now. If I was observant enough, if I had observed my surroundings enough, I must have noticed that our nature, which makes me amazed by its beauty, is getting destroyed and is getting badly consumed by the wreckless humans whom it provides food to, whom it cares for, and whom it supports since they were born.

I hope we come to realize that we have to move. It is our time to save it. It is our time to give back the support that it has been giving us since we were born. Is that too hard to do or it is just that we don’t really care no more?