Are you planning to visit the Philippines but don’t know any or even a single Filipino word or phrase? Let me help and give you some must-remember phrases.

Actually, you can survive without knowing anything as long as you can speak in English basic or advanced. But take note that not all Filipinos are good in English. If your English communication skill is advanced enough, I can say that you will be able to survive your trip but if it’s basic and you will encounter a person who also has basic English communication skill, all I can say is take note of these Filipino/Tagalog phrases that I recommend:

1. Pwede po bang magtanong?

This is very important when asking someone a question. In English it means “Can I ask a question?”.

2. Saan po ang (place)?

I rated this phrase as my second phrase because if you want to get on track again when you are lost you will definitely ask “Saan po ang (airport)?” and it means “Where is the (airport)?”.

3. C.R.

Alright. This is also very important. This means “washroom”. Whenever you want to go to the john/toilet/washroom/comfort room, you should be asking for “C.R.”, as in the letters C and R.

4. Magkano po ang (product)?

I consider this important because when you visit the Philippines, it’s also pretty obvious that you’re going to buy something, you won’t be coming here without the plan to buy some delicacies of course. When you are asking someone about the price of something, you should say “Magkano po ang (mangga)?”. In English, it means “How much is (the mango)?”. However, if you’re already holding it or them, you should say “Magkano po (ito)?” and it is “How much is (this)” in English.

5. Wala po bang tawad?

This phrase is only applicable when you are buying from sidewalk vendors or public markets. I think this is also important for you to save your pocket money even though the prices of anything here are much cheaper than what you have there in your country, we still want to save, right?. You are visiting the Philippines, even though you have saved a lot of money just for your trip, you surely still want to save, right? So, if you want to say Can’t I have a discount?, you should say “Wala po bang tawad?”.

6. Para po (sa tabi)!

We’re almost there. If you visit the Philippines, you definitely don’t have a car, even if you rent a car, you must be having an international driver’s license for the entire days of your stay here. So what if you’re planning to ride a public transportation, any public transportation like jeepney (jeep), tricycle, taxi or bus, you should know how to say “Para po (sa tabi)”. It basically means “Pull over (to the side), please.”.

7. (Maraming) Salamat po!

Last but not the least, you should know how to say “thank you” in Filipino. “Thank you!” is actually being used now, but if you want to be like Pinoy when you visit the Philippines, you should take this phrase in your pocket. I’m sure that you will be grateful, of course, with the provided service, whether it’s good or not. So, learn to say (Maraming) salamat po!. It is translated as Thank you (very much)!

I hope this article is useful enough for you when you travel to the Philippines. Make sure to memorize them by heart. Salamat po!

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